Verity ("nonfiction")


Verity ("nonfiction")
Hedy's Folly:The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Doubleday, 2011.

The Twilight of the Bombs. Alfred A.Knopf, 2010. Vintage, 2011.

Arsenals of Folly: The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race. Alfred A. Knopf, 2007. Vintage, 2008.

John James Audubon: The Making of an American. Alfred A. Knopf, 2004. Vintage, 2006.

Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust. Alfred A. Knopf, 2002. Vintage, 2003.

Why They Kill: The Discoveries of a Maverick Criminologist. Alfred A. Knopf, 1999. Vintage, 2000.

Visions of Technology: An Anthology. Simon & Schuster, 1999. Touchstone, 2000.

Deadly Feasts: Tracking the Secrets of a Terrifying New Plague. Simon & Schuster, 1997. Touchstone, 1998.

Trying To Get Some Dignity: Stories of Triumph Over Childhood Abuse. Morrow, 1996. (With Ginger Rhodes)

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. Simon & Schuster, 1995. Touchstone, 1996.

How To Write. Morrow, 1995.

Nuclear Renewal. Whittle Books/ Viking Penguin, 1993.

Making Love: An Erotic Odyssey. Simon & Schuster, 1992. Touchstone, 1993.

A Hole in the World: An American Boyhood. Simon & Schuster, 1990. Touchstone, 1991. Tenth anniversary edition, University Press of Kansas, 2000.

Farm: A Year in the Life of an American Farmer. Simon & Schuster, 1989. Touchstone, 1990. Reprint edition, University of Nebraska Press, 1997.

The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Simon & Schuster, 1987. Touchstone, 1988.

Looking for America: A Writer's Odyssey. Doubleday, 1979. Penguin, 1980.

The Ozarks. Time-Life, 1974.

The Inland Ground: An Evocation of the American Middle West. Athenaeum, 1970. Revised edition, University Press of Kansas, 1991.

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Sons of Earth. Coward, McCann & Geoheghan, 1981. Ace, 1982.

The Last Safari. Doubleday, 1980.

Holy Secrets. Doubleday, 1978.

The Ungodly: A Novel of the Donner Party. Charterhouse, 1973. Popular Library, 1974. Stanford University Press, 2007.


The Audubon Reader. Everyman Library, 2006.

With Robert Serber, The Los Alamos Primer. University of California Press, 1992.

With Alan and Donna Brauer, The ESO Ecstasy Program. Warner Books, 1990.

With Luis W. Alvarez, Alvarez: The Adventures of a Physicist. Basic Books, 1987.

With Alan and Donna Brauer, ESO. Warner Books, 1983. Revised edition, 2001.

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"Death All Day in Kansas." Esquire, Nov. 1969.
Cockfighting and coyote hunting in central Kansas.

"Harry's Last Hurrah." Harper's, Jan. 1970.
The last days of Harry S. Truman.

"Watching the Animals." Harper's, Mar. 1970.
Touring an Iowa slaughterhouse.

"Heaven on Earth." Harper's, May 1970.
A visit to the Unity School of Practical Christianity.

"Ike: An Artist in Iron." Harper's, July 1970. Abr. Reader's Digest, Sept. 1970.
A reassessment of the character of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

"'Always on the Strech': A Western Voyage." Harper's, Nov. 1970. Following the California Trail through the modern West.

"How I Rode with Harold Lewis on a Diesel Freight Train Down to Gridley, Kansas, and Back." Audience, Mar.-Apr. 1971.

"Of Dogs." Harper's, Apr. 1971.
An essay in appreciation.

"Credences of Summer." Harper's, Aug. 1971.
Memories of a rural adolescence.

"$8884.42 a Second." Playboy, Aug. 1971.
The All-American Futurity quarterhorse race.

"The Boy Who Didn't Die." Redbook, Aug. 1971. Abr. Reader's Digest, Dec. 1971.
Profile of the only known human rabies survivor.

"Things As They Are, Things That Never Were: The Last Kennedy." Audience, Nov.-Dec. 1971.
A week with Senator Edward Kennedy.

"Packaged Sentiment." Harper's, Dec. 1971.
An examination of greeting cards.

"The Killing of the Everglades." Playboy, Jan. 1972.
Ecological crime in Florida.

"'A Little World Made Cunningly.'" Audience, Jan.-Feb. 1972.
A consideration of antique toys.

"The Geritol Days of Lawrence Welk." Audience, Mar.-Apr. 1972.
A visit with the champagne-music man.

"How the West Was Lost." Esquire, May 1972.
The last wild horses.

"Sex and Sin in Sheboygan." Playboy, Aug. 1972.
Town without pity.

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"$7.52 per Pound: The American Royal Stock Show." Audience, Sept.-Oct. 1972.
Country pageantry in Mid-America.

"'A Pilot Was a Hero': The Skywriting Process." Audience, Sept.-Oct. 1972.
The last skywriter, who may have been the first.

"The Mississippi." Playboy, Dec. 1972.
Despite the Corps of Engineers, still rollin' along.

"Beef Bonanza." Harper's, Sept. 1973.
Examining the beef cattle business.

"Goodbye to Darkest Africa." Playboy, Nov. 1973.
Speculations on the work of paleontologist Richard Leakey.

"Strung Out on Blast." Playboy, Feb. 1974.
Explosive demolition.

"Los Alamos Revisited." Harper's, Mar. 1974.
The energy crisis comes to the Atomic City.

"God's Big Fix." Playboy, Nov. 1974.
Prospects for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

"Jesse Howard: Signs and Wonders." In Naives and Visionaries, ed. Martin Friedman. NY: Dutton, 1974.
Profile of a Missouri primitive.

"A Bean To Feed the World." Atlantic, Jan. 1975.
The uses and misuses of the soybean.

"Very Expensive High." Playboy, Jan. 1975.
The farther shores of cocaine.

"Loathe Thy Neighbor." Playboy, June 1975.
Neighborly relations in California.

"Los Alamos Reunion." Atlantic, Nov. 1975.
The 30th reunion of the Los Alamos Veterans and Pioneers.

"Convention Fever in Kansas City." Harper's, May 1976.
Lying in for the 1976 Republican National Convention.

"The Demons of Gerald Ford." Playboy, May 1976.
Portrait of an accidental President.

"Delusions of Power." Atlantic, June 1976.
The nuclear safety issue examined.

"'Deep Throat' Goes Down in Memphis." Playboy, Oct. 1976.
Pornography on trial.

"Kurt Vonnegut: An Interview." Paris Review, June 1977.
The novelist severally interviewed.

"'I Am Become Death....': The Agony of J. Robert Oppenheimer." American Heritage, Oct. 1977.
A psychohistorical study.

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"The Insubstantial Country of the Mind." Quest/77, Dec. 1977.
Profile of Princeton psychologist Julian Jaynes.

"What's New in the Universe." Playboy, Mar. 1978.
Recent developments in astronomy.

"Thinking Straight on Energy: Amory Lovins." Quest/78, Sept. 1978.
Profile of an alternative-energy strategist.

"American Agriculture: The Old and the New." American Heritage, 1978. Changes in American farming.

"The Plundered Province Revisited." American Heritage, Sept. 1978.
Strip-mining the West.

"The Farther Continent of James Clyman." American Heritage, Dec. 1978. The spirit of a 19th-century mountain man.

"Intimations of Immortality." Playboy, June 1979.
Frontiers of biology.

"Waste of the Pecos." Playboy, Aug. 1979.
The people and politics of nuclear waste disposal.

"Oil: Who Needs It?" Playboy, Sept. 1979.
Ten steps to energy independence.

"Eighty Ways the 80s Will Change Your life." Playboy, Jan. 1980.
Future technology.

"A Bright New Decade in Space." Quest/80, Feb.-Mar. 1980.
NASA into the 80's.

"'God Pity a One-Dream Man.'" American Heritage, 1980.
The life of rocket pioneer Robert Goddard.

"Why Do Men Rape?" Playboy, Apr. 1981.
An examination.

"Dorothy Stratten: Her Story." Playboy, May 1981.
A brief life, brutally ended.

"A Change of Heart." Quest/81, June 1981.
Artificial heart research.

"A Demonstration at Shippingport." American Heritage, June-July 1981. The early days of commercial nuclear power.

"Home To the Ozarks." Reader's Digest, Nov. 1981.
Familiar trails.

"The Age of the 30-Minute Orgasm." Playboy, Aug. 1982.
Extending orgasm.

"Shell Games." In My Harvard, My Yale, ed. Diana Dubois. Random House, 1982.
Undergraduate days.

"You Can Control Your Dreams." Parade, Feb. 19, 1984.
The discovery of lucid dreaming.

"'Lighthouses of the Skies.'" American Heritage of Technology and Invention, Spring 1985.
American telescope-building.

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"A Cosmetic Around the Eyes." New Letters, Winter 1984-85.

"A Peace Walk." New York Times Magazine, Dec. 8, 1986.
About men.

"When Senility Is the Wrong Diagnosis." Parade, Feb. 9, 1986.

"The Hump." American Heritage, Aug. 1986.
The India-Burma-China airlift.

"Deep Things Abroad in the World." Poet & Critic 17:2, 1986.
The complementarity of the Bomb.

"A Yield Against the Odds." Harper's, Apr. 1987.
Harvest time on a Missouri farm.

"Cupcake Land." Harper's, Oct. 1987.
Requiem for the Midwest in the key of vanilla.

"Manmade Death: A Neglected Mortality." Journal of the American Medical Association, Aug. 1988.
A proposal for death statistics.

"Notes and Comment." New Yorker. 26 Dec. 1988.
The 50th anniversary of the discovery of fission.

"Power Particles." In Our Changing World, National Geographic Society, 1989.
Nuclear energy and the laser.

"The Complementarity of the Bomb." Journal of Chemical Education. May 1989.
The consequences of releasing nuclear energy.

"Beyond the Wall." Rolling Stone. 8 Mar. 1990.
Science and the Revolution of 1989.

"Don't Be a Bystander." Parade. 14 Oct. 1990.
Standing up to evil.

"Germ Warfare." Rolling Stone. Oct. 91.
Eradicating polio from the Americas.

"Death in the Candy Store." Rolling Stone. Nov. 91.
AIDS comes to Thailand.

"One Man's View." New Choices, Dec. 92/Jan. 93.
Family values.

"The Making of the Soviet Bomb." Rolling Stone, 27 May 93.
History, comrade.

"Power To the People." Rolling Stone, 10 June 93.
The naked reactors of Kozlodui.

"Atomic Logic." Rolling Stone, 24 Feb. 94.
Dismantling the bomb.

"Chain mail." Scientific correspondence. Nature 372(6503) (17 Nov. 94):230.
The nuclear fission mind virus.

"The General and World War III." New Yorker, 19 Jun. 95.
SAC against the world.

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"The New Morning of the World." American Journal of Physics 63(12): 1070.
A future after the arms race.

"Gourmet Cannibalism in New Guinea tribe." Correspondence. Nature 389(6646) (4 Sept. 97): 230.
Honor among cannibals.

"Pathological Science." New Yorker, 1 Dec. 97.
The curious prions of Stanley Prusiner.

"The Need for Nuclear Power." Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2000 (with Denis Beller).
The greenest energy source going.

"Nuclear Power and Proliferation," in Paul L. Leventhal et al., eds., Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons. Washington, D. C.: Brassey's, 2002.

"Violent Socialization and the SS-Einsatzgruppen," in Lonnie Athens and Jeffery T. Ulmer, Violent Acts and Violentization. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science, 2003.

"Technology and Death," in Alan Lightman et al., Living With the Genie: Essays on Technology and the Quest for Human Mastery. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2003.

"America's Rare Bird." Smithsonian, December 2004.
The exemplary life of John James Audubon.

"The Bombs of August." National Geographic, September 2005.
Clear and present dangers.

"Katrina vs. Chernobyl." Washington Post Op-Ed, 23 September 2005. Similarities and differences. 

"Why We Should Preserve the Manhattan Project." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May/June 2007.
Because it's almost gone.


"Glory." Kansas Quarterly, Winter 1973-74.

"The Poet, Growing Old, Decides To Go Alone." Southwest Review, Spring 1972.


In New York Times, USA Today, New York Times Book Review, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Kansas City Star, New York Herald Tribune, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Nature, 1965- .

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"The Loss of Innocence." Pilot film for National Educational Television series on American authors. NET, 1965.

"Closer Than Brothers." Based on the life of Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. Original screenplay.

"Bodywork." Commissioned screenplay.

"A Hole in the World." Commissioned screenplay. Ixtlan Productions/ New Regency.

"Nuclear Reaction." Frontline documentary. WGBH Television, 1997. Correspondent and narrator.

"Race for the Superbomb." The American Experience, WGBH Television, two hour special, 1999. (Based in part on Dark Sun.)

"Dark Sun." In production (Dreamworks).

"Deadly Feasts." Optioned 2005 (Spitfire Productions). Option renewed 2007.

"Reykjavik: A Play for Two Characters." 2008/2011.

"The Making of the Atomic Bomb." Optioned 2009 (HBO).