I lecture frequently to college, university, corporate, professional and club organizations on topics related to the subjects of my books, such as:
  • Nuclear terrorism: What are the risks? Can it be prevented?
  • Can nuclear weapons be eliminated? How could such a major change in world armaments be accomplished?
  • The atomic bomb in the Second World War: the Manhattan Project. 
  • Lessons for today from the Cold War nuclear arms race.
  • The causes of violent behavior and how it can be prevented or controlled.
  •  The life and art of John James Audubon.
  • The craft (and sometimes the art) of writing nonfiction (I call it "verity"; see my Album page for an explanation). (Offered as a lecture or a master class.)
I'm happy to consider discussing other topics related to my areas of expertise. I participate in panels only under exceptional circumstances. My lecture fee is determined by type of organization, preparation time required and how many days of travel and residency are involved. For queries or further information, contact me at Rhodes.Today@comcast.net.